Friday, July 11, 2014

Save Culver Median Park

Proposed changes to the Culver Blvd corridor between Sepulveda and Elenda.

(click image for larger view)

The Culver City staff and engineering consultants are trying to address a number of concerns with the Culver Blvd. corridor between Sepulveda and Elenda.  The Primary focus is to increase safety for parking on the South side of the street, which is pretty awful.  But the changes as proposed will wipe out most or all of the old-growth trees along the bike path on the North side, and greatly reduce the size of the land reserved for public use and green space.

Hopefully both sides of the corridor can come together to find a better way forward but in the meantime the North side residents and most of the adjoining community stand firmly in opposition to moving forward with construction.  Please consider signing our petition to Save Culver Median Park.

And like the Facebook page to find out more details and to stay abreast of developments.

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